Who we are

Our Business

Yeronga is an Australian owned and operated business based in Roselands NSW that manufactures and supplies high-quality school uniforms and associated apparel. With over 30 plus years of experience, we have grown from a humble family business to become a major supplier to NSW schools in both the public and private education sectors. From initial concept design through to manufacture, final branding, delivery, and ongoing supply management, our business is a complete end to end solution.

Excellence in producing and delivering quality products and services is achieved by the active participation and cooperation of everyone at Yeronga. Our operations are conducted in accordance with legal and financial obligations, and we are committed to limiting the risk of modern slavery occurring within our own business operations and supply chain.


In November 2018 the Australian Parliament passed the Modern Slavery Act requiring companies with annual consolidated revenue of more than $100 million to report on the risks of modern slavery in their operations and supply chain, and their actions to address those risks.

Our Committment

Preventing modern slavery practices is a complex issue with a global impact and eliminating the potential for modern slavery practices in our operations and supply chain is key to our commitment.

Whilst our revenue is not over $100 million, Yeronga School Uniforms (“Yeronga”) is committed to running a safe and socially responsible business that protects human rights and has adopted the principles of the Modern Slavery Act to all its operations and supply chain.

Our first modern slavery statement reports on the steps Yeronga is undertaking to address the risks associated with modern slavery. At Yeronga, respecting human rights is inherent in our business operations and is embedded in our values, reflecting and shaping our behaviours and organizational culture. We seek to treat everyone fairly and consistently, creating a workplace and business environment that is safe, ethical, transparent and trusted, aligning with our core values and beliefs. Any action taken to date or planned in the future will enhance our ability to address the risk of modern slavery in our operations and supply chain.

Compliance – with the Modern Slavery Act

Yeronga chooses not to work with suppliers who do not meet our expectations, and this includes compliance with the provisions of the Modern Slavery Act.

We undertake due diligence of our supply chain to mitigate any risks into breaches of the Modern Slavery Act and have taken steps to ensure that relevant employees are trained and aware of the implications of the Act.

Our Managing Director has the primary day-to-day responsibility for ensuring compliance with this statement through the monitoring of both our own and our suppliers’ processes and control systems.

All Yeronga staff and suppliers are expected to co-operate to the fullest extent possible in any investigation into suspected breaches of the Modern Slavery Act.


Yeronga School Uniforms have chosen Sedex as their trusted partner to create more socially and environmentally sustainable business and supply chains.

UPPAREL is the partner of choice across Australia and New Zealand for textile recovery and recycling.

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Communication and employee awareness training of the Modern Slavery Act and its implications is being undertaken by Yeronga. The organization is also raising awareness of modern slavery issues by circulating information to employees explaining the basic principles of the Modern Slavery Act and how to identify and prevent potential slavery or human trafficking within the business and supply chain.

Upon induction, new employees are also required to undertake this awareness training. The Managing Director is responsible for the training of all relevant employees.


Yeronga has long term relationships with its existing suppliers both in Australia and those abroad. We have a commitment to undertake due diligence checks with all suppliers to identify any potential breaches of the Modern Slavery Act. No potential breaches by those suppliers have been identified at this time.

Yeronga will continue to undertake due diligence when considering new suppliers, and existing suppliers will be reviewed on a periodic basis.

We have commenced our journey with rigour and are undertaking meaningful steps to address modern slavery risks within our business. We will continue to refine and improve our approach and assessment to identify and respond to the risk of modern slavery practices within our organization.

Managing Director,Yeronga School Uniforms

Our due diligence and reviews will include: